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Medical Product Consulting Company

The 3T Group Sağlık Savunma İhtiyaç Maddeleri San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti., a private Turkish company, has made a name for itself through its innovative work, contributing to the growth of Turkey's exports, and benefiting humanity.


The company has been active in various countries, including Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, and Nairobi, mainly in the healthcare sector, supplying medical products and devices, and has expanded its operations to the energy and electricity sector in recent years.

The 3T Group has been improving its foreign trade, international investments, and services by adopting international standards and practices in the healthcare sector. It offers a wide range of projects and studies to its customers, such as hospital projects, public tenders, health conferences, and laboratory tests, among others.

The company has introduced Electric Buses of Turkish origin on the streets of Serbia, which is an environmental-friendly project aimed at eliminating exhaust gas, ensuring environmental cleanliness and order, saving fuel, and expanding low-cost public transportation. The targeted success has been achieved, and the company is planning to commence mass production of electric buses in Serbia to create employment for 200 people in 2023.

The 3T Group has also invested in renewable energy, such as solar energy, which is a clean energy source that brings low-cost energy. The company has started producing nature-friendly solar panels that do not emit any gas or waste during conversion.

The 3T Group aims to increase its success in the fields in which it operates by continuously developing projects and investing in various fields.

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Our Mission Is to Empower




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Satisfaction Rated by Partners

It is our priority to protect the dignity and credibility of our company's name. We strive to earn the trust of our customers with the principles of fairness, ethics and honest behavior by assuring that our products and services are produced in accordance with the required standards.

We work with all our business partners in a long-term, transparent and impartial manner.

We carry out our activities in accordance with the national and international laws, directives and standards that we are responsible for, and based on the understanding of "respect for people" with our ethical working principles that we have established in line with our common values.

We think without prejudice, express clearly, make decisions by thinking together, and act together in line with the decisions we make.

It is the common understanding of all of us as 3T GROUP company employees to fulfill our responsibilities in the light of these principles, to meet customer satisfaction, to provide quality and continuous improvement awareness in a systematic way.

Our Core Values

A high quality-oriented sustainable business approach with a human-oriented business approach that supports the development of employees

Our Mission

To adopt a sustainable business approach with a sense of responsibility.

Our Vision

To have a wide product portfolio as a company, to be a leading company that ensures that the products required to the whole world are offered with high quality and reasonable costs in line with quality standards.

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